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Forsthaus Strelitz
Da Jia Le
Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel

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April 2018

Hummus Witz

Great Hummus in Kreuzberg 61

February 2018

Wok Show Dumplings

Dumplings by the truckload

August 2017

Tropez at Humboldthain


July 2017

Il Tortellino D’Oro

Lovely family-run pasta joint in Wilmersdorf

January 2017


Feeling sexual about Alpine food

December 2016


Dessert restaurant

November 2016


The famous Soho House restaurant

October 2016

Quy Nguyen

Vegan Vietnamese Food

August 2016

Vegan Summer Festival 2016

Vegan street food market

July 2016

Konak Grill

The best Köfte in Kreuzberg

July 2016

California Breakfast Slam

Cabslam moved from my sight a while ago. To be honest, I hadn’t been super happy with it. I tried it once and it was barely an OKAY. American breakfast – I love it. But it was a bit too greasy, service was bad even for Berlin standards, and you know, it’s hard to accept […]

February 2016

Kanaan Restaurant

The best hummus in Berlin

December 2015

Zenkichi Berlin: Japanese Fine Dining

My greatest weakness: I can’t say no. It’s horrible. I strive to be a meaner, more disinterested person; a perfect radiation blend of Lucille Bluth and Rihanna. But then someone invites me to a Sake tasting and maybe 2-8 cocktails and I throw all of my principles overboard (which were pretty thin to begin with). Thankfully this […]

November 2015

Fresh Parsnip: Vegan, Healthy Delivery

Delivery-food is rarely an option for me. It’s rarely actually healthy, usually soggy and full of tastemakers and calories. Especially when you’re on a (more or less) strict diet, then it’s just ridiculously hard to stay on track without the luxury of time. Fresh Parsnip are trying to cater to people like me, which is why I happily […]