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Made in Berlin

June 2015

short notice: Victoria

Have you seen Victoria yet? I will not tell you anything about the plot. It’s better if you don’t know anything – because this gigantically delirious idea of a movie can’t be told. It has to seen as a full composition of filmmaking and storyline. One night, one cut, one incredible German movie. In fact: […]

March 2015

Local Store: Conscious Shopping

For the last couple of years, concept stores have been popping up like mushrooms here in Berlin and while some of them are real nice, I feel like most of them are just the same “curated” selection of designer brands, super exclusive sneakers and cutesy little goods that no one (read: me) can afford. But […]

September 2014

Berlin Festival 2014

I sighed my way through Berlin Festival. Moving it from Tempelhof to Arena Park ruined the speciality of it. I want to say that the makers and shakers of the three day festival have done their best (especially considering the short timing since the change was announced) to make Arena Park stand out as a place for […]

September 2014

Atonal Festival 2014

The origins of Atonal go way back. It were the early 80ies when the infamous Kreuzberger SO36 hosted the festival featuring bands like Einstürzende Neubauten. One of the initiators was the later Tresor-Founder Dimitri Hegemann. So its no coincidence that the new Atonal takes place in the same building that is home to  Tresor: The Heizkraftwerk Mitte. There could be no better […]

June 2014


Who ever plays games anymore? I mean real games, games with friends. All we ever do is hang around in bars and waste our braincells on loud music. Not that I’m complaining – I just know that I’ve been looking for alternatives beyond museums and movies and extreme sports that are exciting, can be done on […]

August 2013

Urban Beekeeping with Heinz Risse

Whether in Tempelhof, at the new rooftop bar/hangout Klunkerkranch or the newly founded area of the former Bar25, nowadays called Holzmarkt: everywhere in the city people are committed to bringing nature back into the city. But not only Berlin-grown produce is trending right now. Bees are also a large part of the concept. In most urban gardens, […]