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May 2018

Los Angeles

Travel notes from LA

April 2018

How to swap your apartment

For people who want to upgrade their living situation

March 2018

The best Berlin memes of all time

Sponsored by Create.Refresh / Werbung

October 2017

Autumn in Berlin

Snapshots of foliage

July 2017

The best Berlin blogs ever

When this one doesn’t do it anymore

June 2017


A DIY boattrip

February 2017

Der Fernsehturm


January 2016

Taking a walk through Kreuzberg in snow

I took one for the team and went outside for longer than necessary, all equipped with a real camera instead of my iPhone. This season, I am actually prepared from head to toe for winter! I bought classy Timberlands, I have wicker shirts and socks, I even have a winter-ski mask that I am not […]

October 2015

The Definite Berlin To-Do List

I am eventually going to have all of this printed on one business card so nobody can ever bother me with mails, calls and texts again about “what to do when you visit Berlin” . If you’re wondering what you should and must do and see in Berlin and you’ve already flipped through all of […]

August 2015

Laily’s Berlin: Pentaprisma Photography Course

We’ve all imagined ourselves as the next Annie Leibovitz or Henri Cartier-Bresson…no? Not even a little? Well at least I can say we’ve all dreamt to be known for having the coolest Facebook profile pics. I have never been formally trained in photography; don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it and recently – with all […]

August 2015

10 Ways To Help Refugees in Berlin

The whole refugee topic is as big in Berlin as it should be. Hundreds of new shelter-seeking refugees are arriving on a daily basis. Last week, many people have united to help during the heat-wave in front of the LaGeSo. It was relieving to know that one could take immediate action by driving up to Moabit to donate […]

July 2015

Posters of Berlin captures the designs & aesthetics of Berlins posters

Berlin communicates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Berlin sometimes resemble ancient cave walls and their rudimental sign language. Posters, and many of them, advertising what’s going on in the city. Many times have I been stopped in my tracks to […]

July 2015

How Social Media Is Changing Berlin

I am more and more intrigued by a certain niche of cultural studies that has become my focal point: the cross-section of urban life and new media technologies. What are, essentially, the changes that Social Media and location-based services have brought to urban spatiality and mobility? How will cityscapes be influenced by these new forces […]

July 2015

Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 2)

Do you want to know what the definition of hot is? My new, oily body: It’s not a secret anymore: I like sports and I have dedicated my life to the Greek God Herakles. Every activity that can divert me from my path to sexiness is avoided, and if it is inevitable, I end up […]