My precious friend Georg just sent me over a list of apartment listings in Berlin from September 2006. He was looking for a new place to live back then, and for whatever reason, he saved a list of interesting places.

People have been talking quite a while about how Berlin has become more expensive, but just how much more expensive is ridiculous to look at. I moved to Berlin in 2008, so I still remember somewhat affordable rent in Wedding. But having looked around for better places and apartments to stay at, I know it’s literally impossible to find flats like those listed, in these areas especially.

But I don’t want to leave a big political commentary. It’s really interesting to look at what can happen in an urban environment in less than 10 years. I’ll be happy if I can find any 3+ room flat for less than 1000 bucks in Neukölln now.

4 Zi., Katzbachstr. , 99 m2, 540,- zzgl., san. AB, Bad (Kreuzberg)

Gneisenaustr. 89, 4 Zi , 132m2/144m2, 799/899€ WM, VH, ZH (Kreuzberg)

Nähe Landwehrkanal (Maybachufer), Schinkestr. 6: 5-Zi.-Whg., 150 m2, Altbau, EG, VH, verkehrsgünstig, gefliestes Wannenbad, GEH, WG-geeignet, NKM 700,- €, BK 170,- € + HK. (Kreuzberg)

Terrassenwohnung am Moritzplatz , 5 Zi., 124 m2, WBS ERFORDERLICH! Schöne Familienwohnung im gepfl. Neubau, helles Hochparterre mit Garten, Einbauküche, Wannenbad, Gäste-WC, ZH, Kammer, Iso-Fenster, Keller, 880,- WM, prov.-frei, ab sofort.  (Kreuzberg)

Komfortable 126 m2!!! 2.OG, Naturdielen, 769,- w, EBK, G- WC, gefl. W- Bad, prov.- frei, Kfz- Platz mgl., Karl- Marx- Str. 194 (Neukölln)

Super Dachgeschoss!! Komfort- Maisonettenwhg., 79 m2, EBK, Naturdielen/Parkett, K-TV, gefl. W- Bad, 629,- warm, prov.-frei, Sonnenallee 77 (Neukölln)

Weichselstr. , schöner Stilaltbau, Miete nur 3,75 €/m2, 4 Zi., hell, alles neu und weiß, ca. 130,16 m2, 2 neue Bäder m. Bad-Spiegelschränken, Deckenstrahlern, neue EBK, GEH, Teppichboden. Miete 488,- € + BK 145,- €. Prov.-frei. PKW-Stellpl. mögl. (Neukölln)

Graefestr., 3 Zi., 78 m2, WM 560,-, Laminat in allen Räumen, EBK, WB, EG, ab 1.11.06 an NM. (Kreuzberg)

Schöneberger Str. , 3-Zi.-Maison.-Whg., 85 m2, 670,- WM, 2 Etagen, 1.+2.OG, Nähe Postdamer Platz/ Anh. Bahnh., hell, Lamin., oben Wintergarten, GäWC/Bad m. Fenster (Mitte)

3 Zi., 90m2, hell, Forsterstr./Ecke Paul-Lincke-Ufer 90m2, 3. OG. Holzparkett, Balkon, EBK, 550,- WM.

–> I live on this street, in a 3 room apartment with less than 90m2 since 2012, and l’m definitely paying double the rent.

Pflügerstr 3 Zi. Whg, 86qm, rg. Lage, hell, AB, EBK, Balkon, Dielen, nahe Maybachufer, 2. OG, 2er WG geeignet, GEH, 550€ WM, gute Einkaufsmgl. (Neukölln)

3 Zimmer Stilaltbau , top renoviert, Miete pro m2 nur 3,75 €/netto, ca. 114 m2, niedrige Miete, guter Grundriß, neue EBK, neues Bad m. Fenster, Balkon, Kabel-TV, GEH, 3.OG, ruhig und hell. (Neukölln)

5 Zi. Mariannenpl. , 107 m2, 700,- € warm, AB, Bad, EBK (Kreuzberg)

4 Zi., 94 m2, m. Garten , NB, Kochstr. 59 b, HP, EBK, Balkon, WBS erforderl., € 495,- k + NK (Mitte)


For amusement reason, I looked for apartments bigger than 50 square meters in Kreuzberg, just to compare very quickly (whatever the statistical value of that may be):


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