Think about all your favorite foods, divide them by nationality, end up with a pile of pizza, pasta and loads of olive oil, refine the components until they’re perfect and voilà, here’s Cecconi’s. This gorgeous Italian restaurant, recently opened in the halls of exclusive members club & Mitte hotel Soho House, finally brings everyone’s favorite Italian classics into one place.

First of all: you don’t need to be a member of Soho House to enjoy a visit to Cecconi’s. You also don’t need to be intimidated by the fancy appearance of the restaurant: from decent pleasures like a crispy stone oven pizza (12 Euro) to an extravagant lobster pasta (30 Euro), you’ll find a very balanced menu that caters to every need.

There are plenty of great Italian restaurants all over Berlin, but in Mitte, it seems like most medium-to-fine-dining places are either focused too much on modernizing the classic cuisine, or going into very eccentric, niche directions. Cecconi’s, on the other hand, is what you want when you think of a more general “I feel like eating Italian food today” – without compromising on either side.

Pure pleasure with every bite – from the soft and smooth burrata to the veal cheeks in barolo sauce on mashed potato. All of the meals we tried were perfected to our expectations. They might have been a little on the conservative side – I thought there was still potential for some more refinement, a fruitier touch to the barolo sauce, a little bit more pistacho on the burrata – but this being essentially a hotel restaurant, I can understand leaning to the inoffensive side of Italian cuisine.

That being said, we weren’t disappointed at all. We were bathing in culinary excitement, accompanied with great service and drinks. Despite our less-than-ideal seating, we had fun watching people and getting invested into the vast menu. Seafood, pasta, meat, snacks, soups, salads – and on weekends, even brunch! We didn’t even make it to dessert and that’s always one of the sadder moments of my life.

Beside the good food, it’s the beautiful interior that makes Cecconi’s restaurant outstanding. From the shiny brass to the open kitchen (and the beautiful stone oven that creates the marvelous pizza that I didn’t get to try), the red leather diner seats and white marble floor – the composition is perfect. No: It’s to die for. It’s one of those interiors that you want to take home for the night AND introduce to your mother. That should also tell you something about the patrons: good looking, stylish hotel guests and an affluent Mitte crowd by night, coupled with a few families and sprinkled with some eccentric visitors snatched straight out of a film noir.

Cecconi’s – pronounced Check-konees, by the way – is perfect for a lovely dinner, cozy moments while traveling or lunch with the crew. If you’re a Berlin resident, it might become like running the gauntlet, as the lobby of the Soho House is known to be a hotbed of cool people (some of which you probably know and have to say hi to). Don’t bring your side-chick here, is what I’m trying to say. You’re better off making reservations, too – you don’t want to be stranded at this end of Torstraße with a rumbling stomach.

Burrata with pistachio
Salmon Tartar
Veal Cheeks