We were excited to get out of the usual routine for once and escape into a new world. A world in which we would wade in cherry blossoms and soft light, with likeminded fellow romantics and a soft Asian soundtrack in the background…

Well, that didn’t happen. Although there were many, many cherry blossom trees to see, the attention was diverted to the hilariously dressed up Cos-Players. As the cherry blossom festival is distinctly Japanese flavored, it should’ve not surprised us to see so many people in makeshift anime costumes roaming the park. Along with the anime characters, many Japanese and Asian people watched the classy performances and ceremonies that were orchestrated to worship the Sakura.

It was generally a bizarre celebration. The queues into the park were longer than your regular Saturday night at Berghain, which kind of ruined the calming atmosphere of the lush gardens. So instead of doing a romantic photo shoot we ended up portraying weird costumes with cherry blossom trees in the background. The whole park turned into a Disneyland for Asian gimmicks.

The Erholungspark Marzahn is open any other day of the week though and is definitely the best place in Berlin for an extensive picknick. Maybe try another time. The festival, on the other hand, is just plain weird, but funny and wonderful at the same time.