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Colorful Fire Walls in Berlin

published on 2011-12-19 by Sara
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Walking through the streets of Berlin is always an intense experience. If you open your eyes you can read the whole city and see its citizens communicate with each other. You will recognize the hip scenic neighborhoods from the dense of graffiti and streetart and you can dive into an universe of colorfull surprises around every corner. We love that.

In the last years more and more bigger productions were integrated into the urban environment next to the majority of smaller pieces. The so called Brandwände (Fire Walls) are typical for Berlin. They are windowless sidewalls of houses and perfectly attractive for every artist.

Next to a lot of commercial walls in Mitte – the area of Kreuzberg (and especially around Schlesisches Tor) established itself with a lot of nice productions from well known international artists like BLU, OsGemeos, The London Police, ROA and many others.

Creating such a wall is always special for the artists. In difference to most other works the space is not in an abandoned area but right in the middle of the neigborhoods. They characterize the streets for many years and their houses become a visual landmark for the whole Kiez.

For this post we visitedDustin Schenk in Neukölln for one of the latest Brandwand productions in Berlin and talked with him about his wall. If you want to dive deeper into the subject you should check out Wedding Walls who are creating a couple of new walls in Wedding too.

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