Columbiabad Berlin

Columbiabad is one of my favorite resorts in summer, even though they’re constantly fucking me over by raising their prices. We’re now at 5,50 €. Students get in for 3,50 provided they’re under 26 and if you can’t prove it you don’t get in. The ladies at the door do NOT fuck around with you, and even Sven Marquardt doesn’t have that authority.

I love Columbiabad – mostly because it reminds me of my childhood. The 10m diving boards make every second spent near the pool an exciting show of skills. Even though the swimming pool has been known for rough crime activities and gang fights, I’ve never witnessed any actual trouble. The lawn is always freshly mowed. And I hate lakes, because standing waters are disgusting. So if you’re lucky enough to experience an actual sunny day with no chance of rain – this is where it’s at.


28 thoughts on “Columbiabad Berlin

  1. Nice photos of that short summer dream! I’m very curious about this “soundstick” and whether it lives up to your praise. But alright, next summer: Summer Rave @ Columbiabad – with just some JB.

  2. waterproof! how cool is that! would be very nice to disturb everybody around with my sweet little soundsystem :-)


  3. Der Wackelkontakt an meiner Anlage macht mich langsam wahnsinnig. I need this thingi!! <3

  4. Baby, baby, babyy… the only JB-song I know of ;-)
    Die Boombox, brauch ich aber trotzdem

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