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Concept Mall: Bikini Berlin

published on 2014-05-16 by Sara
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As the building, the Bikini-Haus, hadn’t been used in quite some time, I was really excited to enter the premises as a new designer mall with an elaborate rooftop and the adjacent hotel. While it’s still somewhat of an eyesore, just like most of the shady area around the Zoo is, the new shops and the architectural structure inside are interesting enough.

I’m not sure yet what to think of the store selection, mostly because I am not the target group. But I do applaud the fact that this is not just another mall, but a concept-mall with places for pop-up stores and galleries, uniting contemporary shopping culture with a recreational spirit, architectural feats and extraordinary boutiques that will probably bring another, entirely different stream of people to this side of Berlin.

It does leave the question open of what’s going to happen in the coming years to the boutique stores and labels that have established their brands in Mitte, around Weinmeister, Linienstraße and Rosenthaler Platz. Will they be moving forward to the more touristic and therefore (expectedly) more solvent area, or will they stay put?

The first option could lead to a possible restructure of Mitte, whereas the second means that people will travel back and forth more in the future to experience both sides. Firmament, Mykita and I think ACNE have already settled down. Who’ll be next?

I like that Berlin is getting “bigger” and that the Zoo is getting more attention now. Maybe if the commercial districts get more commercial, the residential districts can get a deserved break from being permanently developed.

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