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Local Store: Conscious Shopping

published on 2015-03-31 by Sara
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For the last couple of years, concept stores have been popping up like mushrooms here in Berlin and while some of them are real nice, I feel like most of them are just the same “curated” selection of designer brands, super exclusive sneakers and cutesy little goods that no one (read: me) can afford. But every once in a while, you stumble on a little gem that not only hands you stuff to lust over, but also reminds you of what a careless lazy little shit you are. Which is exactly what happened to me when I found LOCAL, a concept store situated in the lovely Bergmannkiez selling only products that are produced in their home country under fair conditions.


LOCAL’s story starts with Simon+Me about seven years ago, at that time a streetwear label founded by hot shot Simon Freund that later turned into what the brand is today: a diverse series of high quality goods with unbreakable values. Timeless design focusing on craftsmanship, simplicity and a whole lot of pretty, ecologically friendly production using all natural materials and most importantly Made in Germany. Now Simon+Me, rather reflecting an idea and a lifestyle than the streets, offers fifteen different pieces like a compass, a beautiful copper bracelet (also available with gold and silver coating) or a domestically made scented candle. Before a new product is added to the list, the right artisan for the job needs to be found in Germany – and that might not always be the easiest task. With Simon+Me, the attention is not only on design and details, but origin and our clean conscience too.


So at first, this little store located in one of Berlin’s prettiest streets was basically a flagship store solely dedicated to Simon+Me. But last summer, another revamp happened, this time concerning the shop itself: still at the same location with a new name, LOCAL was born with an expanded brand portfolio. Mirroring the vision of locally produced items and all the other aforementioned values, the product range is still as eclectic as it is carefully selected and intensely researched – be it Vaseline or toothpaste by Portuguese Couto, vodka by local heroes Our/Berlin or raw denim jeans by Noble entirely made in the great US of A.





Oh, and not to forget: have some space in your apartment and like some of the shop’s minimalistic, almost #allwhiteverything interior? The boys got that covered too, everything you see is for sale!


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