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Construction Site: Hope.

published on 2012-05-14 by Sara
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The city hides its secrets pretty well. Climbing into a long abandoned construction site, for instance, is one of those experiences that lets you explore Berlin from the bottom. We were certainly not the first ones to be there – the hieroglyphs and pictures left on the walls tell the stories of so many people who’ve already found their way through the unofficial entrance. They’re leaving their own marks, making history in a way.

But what attracts us to those empty halls of nothing? Possibly the fact that we are the only ones here. I have my own theory: those abandoned spaces of Berlin (or any city) are a testament to history, to a city that was once undone and yet to be planned.

It’s hope: those abandoned spaces are still vacant lots, possibly forgotten forever. Maybe urban spaces that will always be secret from commercial interests or any other functional destiny. This way – barren from meaning – they stay connected to the citizens authenticity, one that is connected to the past and to the present – the freedom of mind to transform this space into anything they want to.

Look around you. There are many such spaces left in Berlin. They are usually restricted to the public. By trespassing illegally, a plethora of feeling arises. One of excitement but also of exclusivity: the city is mine, not yours.

It makes it easier to digest all the changes that I wasn’t asked for. All the tourists that steal my favorite spots in the sun. As long as I can find these spaces, there is hope.

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