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Cooking at home with Marley Spoon

published on 2014-11-13 by Sara
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Winter is coming, my fellow Berliners, and with that comes the time of the year that keeps me from leaving my house to do the grocery shopping. Which means I usually just quickly head to the supermarket on my way home to get the same five ingredients to prepare the same five dishes all over again. (Actually: do cream soups with changing vegetables even count as different dishes? Asking for a friend.) Anything happen to sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, the guys from Marley Spoon got you covered. Skip the thinking and shopping and let someone else do it for you!



Let me tell you how it works: first you head over to Marley Spoons website to choose one meal of the seven weekly changing options. You can decide between something meaty, something fishy or just go veggie – everything made up from only the best and freshest ingredients, sourced from thoroughly checked suppliers. Then just wait until Wednesday or Friday for your box to be delivered (you can actually choose a time slot for delivery, so convenient for all of us busy bees) and get cooking. Or just wait until your friends come over, the food stays fresh until at least four days after receiving. There were three of us when we had our little get-together, which was ideal because one can do most of the work, a second one can help a little and the third party member can take pictures of the lazy-ass helper staring longingly into the oven because he’s really hungry and time passes so much faster if you do that.







The cooking itself could not be easier: everything you need to do is follow the illustrated, step-by-step instructions. All of the ingredients come in perfectly measured amounts, so you don’t even have to think about that and nothing needs to be thrown away because your eyes were bigger than your stomach, which also works for my clean conscience.








So, as much as I love eating out – and I really, really do, I’ll just say it: not much beats standing in the kitchen with friends, putting some candles on the table, savoring home-made meals under your own roof and then cuddle up in bed right after to watch some cheesy american comedy. Admittedly, paying 12 euros per serving is more on the extravagant side of life, but from time to time it’s just necessary to indulge in a little extravaganza, hand all the thinking and grocery shopping to someone else and enjoy the fun part of cooking something you have never tried before.*







*But don’t forget: the cleaning still needs to be done by no one else but you.
Thanks to Marley Spoon for letting us test the food!

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