Unlike the official Berlin Pride parade, the Kreuzberg version of the CSD is not just queer, bright and colorful; it’s a dance to unite everyone in the city, the poor, the left, the right, the gay, the weird, the trans, and however else one might identify. The important issue was (and is) solidarity, and with the refugee issue at hand, the Kreuzberg CSD had found a good reason to push even harder for this annual event, far away from it’s commercialized counterpart between Brandenburger Tor and Siegessäule.

In the past years, the Kreuzberg CSD was called the trans*genialer CSD. There have been management issues apparently that changed the name and the organization of the event, but ultimately the reasons, motivation and causes behind the demonstration have stayed the same: to unite the rainbow-colored people of Kreuzberg and call to attention the current deficits (and lest we forget the excessive partying that comes along).