Da Baffi is an oasis in Wedding. Hidden in an alley near Leopoldplatz, the Italian restaurant caters to anyone with a taste for homely yet fine and delicate soul food. In that typically Italian living room interior you’ll feel cozy and welcome. The aura of the restaurant is created almost exclusively by the owners, who you can see put all their heart and passion into the simple but sufficiently great concept: classical Italian dishes, made from the freshest ingredients, in a combination with some innovative self-creations.

The menu is clear and reduced and changes regularly. From home-made truffle tagliatelle to an entry plate of perfectly prepared Vitello Tonato, all accompanied by a solid wine list and a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere… that’s something rarely seen in Wedding. At least to me, Da Baffi teems over all the other options like something impossible: a culinary offer in a Kiez that is known for having none. The sad thing is that I hardly ever bother driving up the whole way to Wedding to sit down and enjoy the food. It’s the sort of restaurant that the locals know and appreciate, and one that you come to visit every other week to see what’s new. But it’s good to know Da Baffi exists, because should I ever find myself around Leopoldplatz and hungry, I’ll be happy to try whatever pasta is recommended.

There are sufficient vegetarian dishes, good music and good service. Like I’d expect in a proper Italian restaurant, it’s chaotic at times, with a service that isn’t perfect but adds to the lively experience. The pricing is adequate and neither more expensive nor cheaper than at any other place.

Da Baffi has found an offspring on Köpenicker Straße in Kreuzberg called Salumeria Lamuri. It’s more a bistro with lunch options, delicious sandwiches and paninis as well as coffee. But the “little sister” of Da Baffi vanishes among the variety of lunch cafés already established in Kreuzberg, wheras Da Baffi stands out and over all of that Wedding (and, at least from what I’ve had in terms of Italian food, Mitte) resembles.