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Daluma – Raw & Vegan Food

published on 2014-10-02 by Sara
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Berlins culinary versatility is growing. You can see new (concept) restaurants and pop up bars appear on every corner. There are many who complain about the so-called demise of Berlins underground vibe. But if you’ve been eating out in this city long enough, you’ll surely appreciate the rising number of decent restaurants. Berlin has become a new playground for food, and thankfully some of the proven concepts will travel around Germany to enhance the national cuisine.

Daluma is such an example. The “vegan and raw food” only café/restaurant celebrated its opening last night on Weinbergsweg in Mitte. The menu is clear: only quick and healthy options are served here. I tasted the juices for myself – they were amazing. One sip and you’ll feel brand new. As for the food, it’s definitely the better alternative to greasy pizza and currywurst during lunch break. The only bad thing is that I never go out for lunch in Mitte. And, of course, Daluma is gluten-free, which means it’s rich in oil and other calorie-dense ingredients. For someone who’s weight-watching, this place can be a deadly weapon to every restriction (beyond “healthy”).

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