The magnificent avenue of Unter den Linden connects Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor and stretches along some of the most important landmarks of Berlin. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the restaurants that line this crucial vein of Berlins foot traffic. I pity the tourists and visitors who have to endure mediocre franchise chains and overpriced old hotel restaurants (cough, Adlon, cough).

Luckily, the iconic Einstein Unter den Linden has decided to step forward in an effort to rescue the “Prachtboulevard” from its culinary decay. If you’re looking for a classic dinner in a sophisticated place, step inside.

Einstein has become a landmark in its own right, known for being THE meeting point of politicians (i.e. Helmut Kohl) and journalists. But after so many years of being in the business, even an icon has to do some spring cleaning. And who’s going to do it better than the nifty guys behind the Grill Royal dynasty[1. Which now includes Pauly Saal, Le Petit Royal, the former dottír and now Einstein]? They have made it their mission to revamp the Viennese Kaffeehaus carefully, and they’ve definitely succeeded in doing so.

Einstein Unter den Linden: Fresh vibes & Viennese traditions

Don’t mistake the “Kaffeehaus” theme for a mere lunch stop option. Although the institution has been open during breakfast, lunch and (of course) Apfelstrudel for the past 20 years, Einstein Unter den Linden have now expanded their business to include a formidable wine and dinner menu.

The menu is a testament to the classic Austrian cuisine, with a nod to a younger and more contemporary foodie crowd. Specialities like Tafelspitz, Backhendl (elegantly fried chicken) and naturally, the notorious Wiener Schnitzel are part of an elaborate menu. But there is also the perfectly well cooked asparagus from Kremmen, or a very unexpected Octopus salad on thick, juicy runner beans from the Austrian region of Steiermark. A modern twist on the Austrian heritage, with an unbroken passion for succulent and fresh ingredients.

Perfection on a plate: asparagus & hollandaise
Left: whole salad with asparagus, potato and pumpkin seed pesto; right: Käferbohnen & octopus salad

But my favorite dish off our order? The Backhendl. Lorda mercy. You know it’s good when you don’t even need to sauce it up. The evenly crispy crust, the structured yet soft and juicy meat, that right sprinkle of salt… damn. Or maybe I just love fried chicken.

Spargel, Schnitzel and the potato salad which comes along with the Backhendl

Finally a feel-good restaurant for the inner city center

Einstein Unter den Linden is one of the rare restaurants that will cater to everyone’s tastes (and budgets) very well. It’s a modern classic, perfectly suited for parents, business partners, romantic dinners, quick lunch stops, drug deals, soliciting, coffee breaks, family gatherings, people watching, nightcaps, bachelor parties, birthdays, pre-gaming and office meetings.

While finally bathing in an ocean full of Kaiserschmarren and Topfenknödel, we watched passers-by adoring our plates with envy. And we watched right back, as if in a movie theater; as if this was the golden 20’s and not crappy ole gentrified super-whack 2017.

Sitting outside of Einstein at those precious little bistro tables [1. which admittedly should be larger to accommodate our humongous orders] while the sun set lazily over Brandenburger Tor made us feel – for the first time ever – charmed by the grand boulevard Unter den Linden.

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