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Kreuzkölln: Favorite Restaurants 2014

published on 2014-05-06 by Sara
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Cocolo Ramen

Japanese Ramen Soup at Cocolo Ramen

Japanese food other than Sushi? Until Cocolo brought its exquisite Ramen soup franchise from Mitte to Kreuzberg bordering on Neukölln, there was no such thing as Japanese food. A noodle soup brewed usually in pork broth (there are vegetarian options) with various meat toppings, Ramen is a comfort food type of meal that can never be wrong, whether as quick dining option or as an elaborate night out on authenticity. With a couple of side dishes to chose from, solid Japanese beverages and a big patio for the guests right at the canal, the Kreuzberg edition has left a lasting impression. Cocolo Ramen, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39, 10999 Berlin

Bastard Berlin

Bastard serves only breakfast and lunch and might be therefore considered more of a bistro than a restaurant, but don’t be fooled by these restrictions (I call them restrictions because oh, how I wish they had a dinner menu). The lunch options on their weekly changing menu are incredibly witty and cleverly combined and always consisting of regional ingredients which are in season. Not to forget the self-baked bread. The little joint on Reichenberger Straße is affordable (with lunch and breakfast ranging from 4 to 10 Euro per dish) and elaborate on the details, including the warm-hearted service. Expect expect to wait during rush hour, which is pretty much any time you get there. Bastard Berlin, Reichenberger Str. 122, 10999 Berlin

After Rush Hour at Bastard Berlin

Devil’s Kitchen (Closed)

Devil’s Kitchen is hidden somewhere in Gräfekiez and can be considered a bar with a lively Israeli food culture more than a restaurant, but it works both ways. It’s noisy and restless, but that’s what makes it so special in a German city, where people hate to be seated at bars to eat. Instead of serving big dishes, Devil’s Kitchen serves small Middle Eastern tapas. That’s some of the best Hummus you can get in Berlin (and pretty much the only shakshuka I’ve ever seen on a menu ), and since their kitchen is always open after midnight, Devil’s is the right choice for rather party-goers that have yet to satisfy their munchies (of course, all in the company of a proper Feierabendbier). Devil’s Kitchen, Graefestraße 11, 10967 Berlin

Cafés Jacques

Cafés Jacques have just re-opened their venue on Maybachufer, leaving their old and cozier location to become an exclusive wine bar. Their new restaurant is larger and can hold a bigger demand, but unfortunately a certain magic was left behind. The food makes up for it though. Whether for a quick meal or a proper sit-down, the restaurant offers a French-Mediterranean fusion of pasta, oriental tapas, fresh fish and great steaks. It’s the type of restaurant you’d bring your parents or a date to if you needed a cool but relaxed option without splurging on the occasion. Cafés Jacques, Maybachufer 14, 12047 Berlin


Ceviche is a Peruian speciality. Fish, cooked not with heat, but with lemon and chili, so intensely delicious and hot, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind away. There’s a decent variety of vegetarian dishes for all those who’d prefer to stick to the safe side when going out with their friends, but there can’t be enough emphasis on how exclusively original and perfectly well made the menu at Cevicheria is. Although the interior design could stand some more love for the details and a dimmer atmosphere, I’ll forgive the place anything if they can just keep the fish coming. Cevicheria, Dresdener Straße 120, 10999 Kreuzberg


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