[Closed] Atlas Pancakes

Update: Atlas Pancakes unfortunately closed down. A new place called Facciola, an Italian wine bar, opened in its place.

Ceyda and Andrew, the owners of the bar/restaurant/café/pancake headquarters in Kreuzberg, put much love into their concept and even more love into the all-veggie food they serve. Even if you crave something else than a perfect pancake (I swear it’s perfect!), you’ll most likely find an alternative to savor. Home made fries & ketchup, eggs of any variety, and another personal recommendation: the tofu sandwich with the cucumber salad on the side.

Lucky for all those who would prefer a good night out to a Pancake Killing Spree, Atlas is not just the breakfast joint of the moment, it’s also a bar with changing program and a focus on good music. Old-school and contemporary Hip Hop, Funk tunes and soul stuff have been blaring through the speakers and continuously drawing more and more aficionados of the genre. Concerts and releases as well as private functions can be celebrated. And if you linger long enough (as I sometimes do, a whole Sunday afternoon), the mood shifts from cozy to exciting to wild and reckless instantly.

4 thoughts on “[Closed] Atlas Pancakes

  1. Sweet. The pancakes at Beakers in Prenzlauer Berg are also really good and there is usually a pancake special that changes from weekend to weekend.

  2. good times there. spent every wednesday of winter 2012 there.

    ceyda had to close atlas pancakes three weeks ago.

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