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Bonanza Coffee Heroes

published on 2012-10-26 by Sara
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Coffee is such a touchy subject in Berlin. Basically, there are two types of coffee drinkers in the city: those who believe that a good coffee is of the highest possible quality, with fresh beans, and an analog production style. And then there are those who will punch you in the face, not only for making such a standard beverage a rocket science, but also for paying the same price for a tiny Cappuccino as for a gallon of gas.

If you belong to the latter group: believe me, I’m with you. I can drink any kind of coffee if I need it and I don’t need my milk to be foamy, the beans cleverly processed or a cat-shit speciality. At the same time I don’t mind if the coffee is better than average, that is, I can totally taste the difference between the notorious “seriously I don’t care about anything give me coffee” type of coffee and the more popular “Well, I could drink a very nice and tasty creamy wonderfully rich cappuccino that costs me a million Euro”. Although that being said, I prefer filter coffee over all – the one without the long ceremony of dripping intensely for 3 hours.

Long story short: if you’re looking for a really, really good coffee, check out Bonanza Coffee Heroes in Prenzlauer Berg. They’ve been there for quite a while now and every time any one of us heads up to the Mauerpark (or to Prenzlauer Berg in general) we can’t possibly just leave without having an exclusively delicious cup. Bonanza Coffee Heroes are crazy about their product and believe me, these dudes know everything.

The baristas at BCH know how to roast, toast, blend, decorate and make you feel like you’re not worthy of such a perfect cup of coffee. Even for someone as ignorant as me it’s quite clear that this is as good as coffee gets.

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