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Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor

published on 2011-08-16 by Sara
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There’s something about that U1 subway line that makes me very happy to dine beneath it. Or near it. Nearly all of my favorite restaurants have a great view and noisy setting somewhere around it. Yeah, that’s not very high class, but then not many things in Berlin are and that’s alright in my book.

Anyway, one of my favorite places in Kreuzberg is Burgermeister. It’s a former public toilet so nothing too fancy about it today either, but the Burger is one of the best in town and I’ve never had Chili Cheese Fries so close to perfection. Seriously. It’s always packed, so prepare to wait. It’s a nice wait though, where else in Berlin will you listen to smooth rap and hip hop beats at 3 AM in the morning and still have an excited crowd to meet and watch (if you wanna answer “pretty much everywhere else, too” I’m going to smack you up the head)? It’s become quite the international hotspot too, being in the middle of the binge drinking tourism center, but nothing majorly annoying, I promise.

I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t have calories – because it does – and I’m not saying it’s the best burger in the world – because I haven’t yet eaten every burger in the world – but from my point of view, Burgermeister is the perfect not so fast fast food opportunity in Berlin. It’s original and authentic, it tastes beautiful, delicious really, it’s cheap for what it’s worth, the people who work their mechanical robot jobs are always nice and since it’s packed most of the time you get to share your table with random people from all over the place. Exchange stories! Make it happen!

Also, I just got myself really, really hungry.

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