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published on 2012-10-25 by Sara
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When we told our friends that we decided to go to “Südgelände” nobody knew what we were talking about. It doesn’t matter how long you live in this city, your knowledge and your interest will likely go as far as the Ring and rarely beyond. And as a matter of fact, Südgelände is located a few meters outside of the ring. So- we made it our autumn-trip. In the 30ies, the space here was one of the biggest industrial train stations in Germany. After the war it was shut down and nature took it back. What can I say? Südgelände is a dream for every nature-lover. It’s just insane how everything has been growing past the industrial leftovers during the last 60 years. Nice little tracks lead you through this outstanding park-concept. A “wall of fame” marks the natural connection between trains and graffiti.

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