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Good Bookstores in Berlin

published on 2014-11-19 by Sara
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Right now, I am sick for the 100th time this year. And while I really love to spend hours watching Saturday Night Live clips on Youtube, my sick head just starts to hurt after staring at a screen for too long. What else is to do there, you might ask. Well, my dear friends: there actually exists a world outside of the Internet. And with that, I mean the wonderful universe that traditional books have to offer.

So before I got this cold or whatever it is, I went out to make this little list of bookstores in Berlin that I really like. There are many, many more, of course, but these four already offer a great selection to keep a bookworm satisfied, when going for a little shopping spree on a cold winter’s day.


do you read me?!
Auguststraße 28
10117 Berlin

Okay, so for anyone who’s been to Berlin before, this store is probably an old hat already. But let’s be honest: no list about bookstores in Berlin is complete without this paradise for all the magazine aficionados out there, covering everything from fashion, photography, art and architecture to culture, travel and society. But don’t be fooled – while this store definitely is all about the celebration of magazine culture, they also do offer a great selection of books mixed into their unmatched ‘zine selection.


Brunnenstraße 181
10119 Berlin

Located near Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin Mitte, ocelot wants to burst through the barriers of books and puts the quintessential text in all shapes in the center of it all – no matter if printed or digital, online or offline. Which of course does not mean that they don’t have a carefully handpicked selection of great books, graphic novels or coffee-table tomes waiting for you. Oh, and the shop also features a little café in store. We’re in Berlin Mitte after all.

Sad news: ocelot is in some financial troubles at the moment. Please head over to their Facebook page rettet das ocelot, to find out more and help this little literary shopping gem.


Hauptstraße 154
10827 Berlin

Welcome to Bücherhalle, the store off the beaten path of Kreuzberg and Mitte, that basically looks like the library I always dreamed of having at my own house but probably never will. On about 400 meters of shelves, Bücherhalle offers all kinds of used books in a bright and organized atmosphere. I would advise you to just go there and linger for a bit. I’m sure you’ll get lucky and find something to read at a cheap price – if not, don’t be shy to ask for help. The staff is not only all-knowing and helpful, they are also very nice.


Fair Exchange
Dieffenbachstraße 58
10967 Berlin

With ocelot and Bücherhalle mostly catering to German readers, it’s definitely time for another spot helping out international customers: Fair Exchange might be the place for you. While also selling used books, this little hideout makes a point of specializing in English language. The books, organized in more than 35 categories from all kinds of fiction, through women’s studies to myths and fables, can be a little pricey sometimes, but if you can offer the ladies owning the store something they can re-sell, you actually might get it A LOT cheaper. That’s what I call a fair exchange.

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