Last November I was invited to visit the Caribbean island Curacao to spend a whole week of relaxation and discovery.

I didn’t know anything about Curacao. But in the last years it became a part of my travel style to arrive absolutely objective (read: ignorant) and start to explore with a free mind. In the case of Curacao it wasn’t so easy, though.

The moment you I heard “Caribbean Island”, the European heart starts to hyperventilate. Rainbows, dolphins, turquoise waters, palmtrees, and so on.  Guess what? It’s all there. It’s all true. But there’s also a twist to it in Curacao.

Unlike other, rather overwhelming touristy resorts in the Caribbean, Curacao has always been a pit stop for business rather than leisure. Tourism has only found it’s way to the island in the past few years. The Colonial imprint that the Dutch have left adds another layer of unexpected exoticism. It’s a picture perfect paradise, but gritty, real and authentic all the way.

Case in point: the rundown architecture, despite the perfect beach front location. That might sound like harsh criticism, but in fact I desperately longed for such a place to exist. None of the massive resorts that usually clutter the rivieras of popular island destinations.  Everything in Curacao seems off the beaten track, no matter how central it is. It obviously won’t stay like this forever, but for the time being, it’s all that matters.

There are no direct flights from Berlin to Curacao, but KLM offers a one stop option via Amsterdam.

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  2. You really captured the true charm of my adopted home Curaçao. Beyond the palm trees and aqua beach scenes lives an interesting people with an amazing history. Your words and photo images portray this very well. I came to the island interested in the architecture and restored an old home by the sea that is now called Sirena Bay Estate and run as a guest house. So glad I made this life decision. You helped me define the question I am most often asked…”Why did you choose to move to Curaçao?”

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