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The magical island of the Caribbean, Curacao

published on 2013-01-09 by Sara
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Getting out of this Berlin winter mess is the number one theme everybody talks about right now. It could be easy to join the party but we rather want to be your ambassadors for the sun with this post.

Last november we got invited to visit the Caribbean island Curacao together with Clemens of iGNANT, Katja of Travelettes and Bonnie of Strange Ambition and spent a whole week in this secret place just 70 km north of Venezuela.

I have to confess that the only thing I knew about Curacao was the blue liquor you mix up with orange juice and get a green cocktail out of it. But in the last years it became a part of my travel style to arrive absolutely objective at a location and start to explore with a free mind. In the case of Curacao it wasn’t this easy.

The moment you hear “Caribbean Island” your little European heart starts hyperventilating and you instantly have flashbacks of the 1980′ s palm wallpaper in your living room. You picture everything perfect and dreamy and all that including turqoise water, brown beach beautys, dolphins and rainbows. The good thing is we had it all. The much better thing is – it has a twist. And we like twists because the rest is just boring postcard shit your parents dream about.

When you arrive in Curacao you will directly face the reality of this 440 km2 island. It was never a touristy place but an island with a huge history of trade and business. Just a couple of years ago they opened up for inviting people from all over the world to visit Curacao. This is a very interesting fact because it’ s the foundation we all search for somehow when we travel – originality and authenticity. It’ s a place without Make-Up and this truth may be a rough punch in your face leaving you a little confused the first days. In addition to this you will always struggle with the exotic of this place. Being a dutch colony for so many years including it’ s architecture leaves a weird feeling you are somewhere in europe all the time and not at the other end of the world.

But the time you get used to it – you will love that you can speak nearly every language you want including Papiamento, English, Dutch or Spanish and get around the island without any trouble.

From the first day on I was impressed by the old colonial architecture all over the island and the photo opportunities that came with that. Especially because many of them seemed to be abandoned and run down even though they had the perfect beach front locations. The island started to get a misterious touch for me and I found more and more abandoned old hotels, restaurants or beachclubs. You know how we are. We like to explore and we don’ t walk the beaten tracks. So the island opened up in a complete different direction I’ll thought it would do before.

So Curacao for me was a perfect combination. It satisfied my passion to explore new original places and has some of the best photo opportunities on top, plus you’ll find lonely perfect beaches to hang out, crystall clear water and an amazing underwater world (yes I was diving with free turtles!!). I would  still call it a a little secret to travel to because I think the island will change fast in the next couple of years. But right now, you dive right into the heart  of Curacao and their people when you adjust your expectations to a caribbean wonderworld.

If you want to see some more impressions jump over to iGNANTravel and Travelettes.

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