[Travel] Dresden

In the last years Dresden became something like my retreat from the big city. Whenever I need to calm down from the heavy bombardement of input in Berlin I go to there and chill out for while. This certainly has something to do with my two friends, the art duo Sutter & Schramm. They live in the neighborhood of Neustadt which is the only alternative neighborhood in Dresden. From a Berlinian point of view it´s a very small Friedrichshain, just some streets and not very mentionable shops and bars.

But this is not what I´m looking for over there. I don´t want it to be a second, third or whatever Kreuzberg. I want it to have an incredible East German flair, somewhat village like – with small green backyards and hidden keys to the apartment. I want to lie there in the sun, read books, be bored and at the same time excited by the artsy power of my friends and their colleagues at the amazing Kunsthochschule.

Together with Nico, Soraya and Stefan we decided to take on a trip last weekend. It turned out to be as calming and relaxing as I had expected, and some wonderful pictures were produced that we would love to share with you.

In addition to the pictures I would also like to post a video I shot of my friends backyard two summers ago. It captures the feeling that I had just tried to describe: relaxing, unmotivated, simply calm and without any driving momentum that sometimes bursts your head with stress.

5 thoughts on “[Travel] Dresden

  1. Gefällt mir sehr gut, auch mal schön nicht nur die Skyline zu sehen.

  2. My home :-)!!! Mir scheint, als würdest Du mit Deiner Kamera immer haarscharf an mir vorbeisausen…

  3. die gentrifizierung scheint von friedrichshain schon längst in die neustadt rübergeschwappt zu sein. aber hauptsache es geht euch gut, wenn ihr mal wieder pause von eurer bestimmt sehr harten arbeit in der hauptstadt braucht…..

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