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published on 2012-05-04 by Sara
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I have been to Copenhagen twice before this trip, but its always something else if you explore a city with the perspective of someone who is actually living there. My dear friend Niels moved there after he had lived in berlin for quite a while. He found a small beautiful room in Nørrebro, which is the multi-cultural, streetart-clustered, well-designed, espresso-bar neighborhood the lifestyle-elite posts Instagrams of. But the feel of Nørrebro is beyond the cliché of Scandinavian aesthetics. Its pure life. Luckily i caught some of the first sunny days of the year and the streets were filled with people who just enjoyed the easiness that comes alongside spring. But the highlights of my trip lay next to the beautiful cityscape.

The first day Niels and me left the city and spend a day in the impressive Louisana Museum of Modern Art. Its located at a hill right at the ocean. The huge garden features different sculptures and the current exhibition of Andreas Gursky is really impressive. That really set the mood for the trip and we found ourselves exploring very unconventional parts of the city with our cameras. The fact  that my pictures  dont really show the great architecture and the detailed public design of Kopenhagen (which i really enjoyed) but a used, industrial aesthetic shows how much my visual focus is influenced by berlin. By the dirt, the imperfect, the errors.

Kopenhagen has this utopian feel to it. New architecture is integrated without being totally out of place like in germany, the bike lanes are as important as the streets, the organic food-movement is taken very seriously and in Christiania you have the hippie-utopia (sure, it has a history of governmental repression but its still there, breathing, chilling, smoking weed). You can get the impression that Kopenhagen has it all figured out and really shows how a contemporary city should be shaped. By the way, the bible of lifestyle magazines said it has the best quality of life. But just when you get too hyped about the lovely atmosphere you hear the story of Ungdomshuset , a alternative youth house which was evicted after a long controversy between its users and the city. The conflict is too complicated to tell the story without getting something wrong (check WIKI) but the fact is that there is now an empty space where used to be a freespace for youth and culture. (see the picture with the murial which is by shepard fairey and is deeply hated for its ignorance). Thats a common conflict we know very well form berlin where the interests of estate and cultural freedom collide very often.

Nevertheless Kopenhagen and its periphery is worth a visit every time of the year. Thanks to the best host, check out his photography! 

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