I have been to Copenhagen twice before, but its always something else if you explore a city with the perspective of a local. My dear friend Niels moved to the Danish capital after living in Berlin. He found a small beautiful room in Nørrebro, which is the multi-cultural, streetart-clustered, well-designed espresso-bar neighborhood of the city. But the atmosphere in Nørrebro is beyond the cliché of Scandinavian aesthetics – it’s very lively and warm. Luckily I experienced some of the first sunny days of the year and the streets were filled with people who  enjoyed the casual strolls of springtime. But the highlight of my trip awaited beyond the city’s border.

On my first day, Niels and I traveled to the impressive Louisana Museum of Modern Art. Its located on a hill, adjacent to the Danish coast. The huge garden features different sculptures, and I was blessed to see a brand new Andreas Gurksy exhibition. That really set the mood for the upcoming days and we found ourselves exploring very unconventional parts of the city with our cameras. My pictures are visibly inspired by the industrial aesthetics of Berlin, which is why you won’t find many impressions of the great Copenhagen architecture (which I also enjoy a lot).

Copenhagen can feel like a social utopia. New architecture is integrated into the landscape without feeling alien, like in Germany. The bike lanes are as important as the streets, the organic food-movement is taken very seriously and in Christiania, there is an actual utopia or rather commune still thriving.

Thanks to the best host, check out his photography! 

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  1. Ungdomshuset has been moved to Dortheavej, just at the boarder between Nørrebro and Vesterbro, so it’s still able to catch the alternative youth vibe.

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