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Finding London Pt.1

published on 2010-09-03 by Sara
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on my trip to london two words haunted my mind. these words were more and most. i think i have to connect them to my childhood in a small german city with the strong feeling that i would miss something out there if I were to stay even just one more day.

this propably has to do with the word most. for me, it means “to make the most of it” and this meant to pack my stuff and move to some place that provided me enough challenge so that the “more” in me was satisfied for a long time.

so if berlin is “most” compared to other german citys, what would happen if this sentiment was challenged by a new “more” feeling that i have when i am in london?

the city flashed me from the first time i’ve been there. the rush of 8 million people on one place. the history. the cultural diversity. the traffic. the music scenes. the clubs. the fashion. the mash ups. the neigbourhoods. the architecture. i was always a city kid and what i found there was a metropolis.

london is a provocation for the “more” inside of me. the sensory input of the city is like coke for my “more” and i’m afraid that this appetite changes the feeling i have towards berlin. i got stuck in that emotion the last time i returned from London to Berlin. everything was just pale and pastell and i wished myself back to the strong streetcolors of shoreditch and the ethnical afrocaribasioneuro mixture.

london is “more” in many ways. but i also learned that for me, there’s one more important point to it all: to freely focus on all the things I love and want to do in my life. i can’t find this approach in london. everyone i know there is in a big struggle to survive. they have to squat houses, work their asses up to pay the expensive rent, can’t afford health assurance, live under a public surveillance i’ve never seen anywhere else in this world.

london will always be an inspiration for me and i’d love to do jobs there from time to time. but home should be something more laid back. i can combine both- a more laid back life and creative productivity in berlin. so for me this is the real “most” now and i’m glad about that.

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