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Enjoy the most sensual vacation of your life at the Velassaru Maldives resort

published on 2012-10-15 by Sara
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The Velassaru resort, on an exclusive island in the Maldives, is the pinnacle of luxury. Unlike many other Maldive hotels, this chic, sophisticated and absolutely stunning dream resort will make your vacation the best of your life.

But either way, the Maldives are stunning. Pristine, snow-white beaches, coconut palms, turquoise waters – there is nothing else the heart could desire. The spectacular islands that form the Maldives are famous for a reason. Set within the warmest waters of the Indian Ocean, they offer their visitors a picture perfect image of paradise.

Velassaru, the ultimate honeymoon destination

Many resorts on the Maldives are therefore overrun by tourists, and sometimes even the most luxurious among haven’t always aged well. Velassaru is different: it prizes itself on being private, intimate and beautiful, just like these exceptional islands and you, the royal guest, deserve. From a wholesome wellness experience in an infinite summer to a thrilling diving adventure, at Vela, as your hosts call it lovingly, you can have anything want and more.

The only downside of Velassaru – if you can call it that, really – is how much it’s built around a honeymoon vacation. The secludedness, and the downright sexiness of the structure and interior design, calls for a couple. If you’re single, you should re-consider. It’s hard to meet people on a tiny island. And Vela does not accept families with small children either, which is understandable, as they’d like to keep it quiet.

Deluxe bungalow, beach villa or water suite?

My “room” turned out to be a beach villa: a bungalow larger than my own apartment in Berlin, with an outdoor bathroom and my own private section of the beach. The perfectly comfortable king size bed, facing the ocean, lulled me into a deep sleep before I could even try to comprehend where I was. I definitely lucked out.

During a tour of the island, we also got to see the other decadent accommodation options. The water bungalows, which are built on top of the ocean, are incredible enough. But the water suite – you can compare it to the presidential suite in a regular hotel – had our mind blown! Full butler service, a respective swimming pool, more than 3 bedrooms and the list can just go on forever… ‘spectacular’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Of course, the amenities in your respective housing are state of the art. Safe, free wifi, tv and dvd players, aux cables, air-con, minibar, Nespresso machine, complimentary water, bathrobes, L’Occitane bath products, beach bags and all other sort of stuff is for granted at this five star luxury resort.


(Water) Activities at Vela

While lying in the sun at your own private section of the beach, or at the generous infinity pool can be more than enough to fulfill your hearts desires, there are certainly also some things to do and see. Starting at Velassaru, you can opt for a daytrip to Malé, the capital of the Maldives. This hustling and bustling, hectic and eclectic little town is exceptionally colorful and exciting to walk through, although you’ll find that it’s not worthy of a shopping trip or an extensive cultural study. It’s all work and no play. Still, I really enjoyed our trip, as being on a secluded island can wear you down after a while.

But paradise only awaits. Sunset ocean drives, jetski safaris and diving missions are only a few choice recommendations from the vast selection of things to do on the Maldives. In two days, we managed to see baby sharks and turtles on the beach, I went snorkling as well as diving to the turtle sanctuary that Vela constructed at their reefs, we bathed in the infinity pool while it was storming ahead of us, took a cooking class and indulged in an exceptional massage treatment at the Velassaru spa. You certainly won’t get bored (that said, all of those activities are not included in your initial costs, so you’ll have to spring for it).

Some of the complimentary activities include an open air movie night and speciality themed buffets.

Dining out at Velassaru

Again, Vela is conceptually designed to cater to honeymooners and couples on a romantic getaway. That’s why the restaurants are all “date perfect”. From the chill out bar, with it’s perfected cocktails and sand bags, to the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. Of course, most of the restaurants at Vela are centered around fresh seafood, and it would be a shame if they weren’t. I was overall very happy with what they had to offer, but since we only stayed on Velassaru for 2 nights, I can’t tell whether I wouldn’t be sick of it after a while.

All in all, there are four different restaurants and a few bars on top of that. I think staying longer than a week is definitely a test to your culinary endurance. That being said, I think if I went on a romantic holiday to Velassaru, I’d probably be in-room dining most of the time… if you get what I mean.

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