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Finding Melbourne

published on 2011-02-12 by Sara
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A couple of days after my I arrival I figured that Melbourne was the kind of place you actually have to give some time to appreciate. From the Bohemian quarters of Fitzroy and Collingwood to the bustle of the CBD, the designated urban art alleys to the coffee, restaurant and live gig craze, everything tempts you for a longer stay. And, although by Australian standards not the prettiest, there‘s a beach too. Including Penguins (sometimes).

Here’s a rundown on what you will find in Melbourne: nifty restaurants, exclusive vintage and second hand stores, live gigs from rock to jazz, roof top bars and cinemas, edgy techno clubs, beach life, penguins, trams, a bit of history, the 3rd biggest IMAX screen in the world, wonderful art exhibitions and galleries, gardens and parks, fixie bikes, record stores, loads of graffiti and more cafés than in Italy and France combined. Seriously.

There’s that urban chic to Melbourne that you’re used to from Berlin, but god, Australia is fucking expensive. So you’ve got the fancy glitter variation of a hipster-lifestyle everywhere, but none of the affordability, which leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Anyways.. it’s a melting pot and quite different than Sydney, but to someone from Europe (and European to the core), it’s a bit of a pastiche-city. Sorry for the criticism – I loved it, I swear, and I especially loved hanging around with open-minded, chill-people, but there’s just that something something missing. Probably more money.

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