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Finding New York

published on 2011-05-30 by Sara
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MoMa and Volkswagen have announced an exciting partnership that will feature artists in special exhibitions and give the modern art scene another fascinating boost. Of course, no such announcement goes without the appropriate party, and without a visit to the melting pot: New York.

It was quite interesting to visit the city beyond the usual scope of a tourist, but to get right down to what makes NYC so special: the culture. Of course, no culture is completely assessed without taking into focus the art-scene, which is what we did with our thorough visit at PS1 and MoMa. I know nothing about modern (or for that matter, not-modern) art, so obviously I felt enlightened. Those days blew my mind, and the program exceeded all expectations: not only did I sit in a press conference usually restricted to the best of the best in journalism, not only was I guided professionally through both the MoMa and the MoMa PS1 (by Klaus Biesenbach, director and curator of the MoMa and MoMa PS1, personally!), I even got to attend the Aftershow Party at the Museum, red carpet (blue carpet, actually) and all. If that just isn’t a downright NYC “I’m on it!” experience, I wouldn’t know what is.

But New York.. man. There are so many feelings of nostalgia just being here, again. As if I’ve spent a good part of my life here already. A remote visitor – through media aesthetics and movies, I was there, many times have I crossed the bridge. It doesn’t feel right to leave, and it doesn’t feel right to be there either. There’s no such art scene in Berlin, nothing as pompous. But then we don’t have a skyline either, we don’t have that special, magical feeling that anybody can be included. Berlin is still really, really young and unexperienced (as the whole of Germany probably is). I’m coming back for sure to explore the rest of the city (or as much as I can in my short lifespan – it never seems enough in New York).

The last of the three days we spent in Brooklyn, Red Hook. Our AirBnB was spacious and graceful, and we had plenty of time to do the typical sightseeing in a mix and match with eating out and discovering the nooks and crannies of our neighborhood. I’m very thankful that my parents had taken me already to all the stops with the long queues, so I could skip on the hassle for this trip and just go with the flow.

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