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Rio de Janeiro

published on 2012-05-10 by Sara
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Arriving in Rio de Janeiro was one of these big exciting moments in my travel life. I mean I traveled to many big cities but I knew this was going to be different. Influenced by movies, Baile Funk Music and the Graffiti of Os Gemeos & Pixacaos, I had a deep wish to experience this upcoming country and especially Rio de Janeiro.

I can say that Rio is different and full of controversy. It is not a beauty. Turning these amazing beach-sides into architectural nothingness is one of those flaws. But fuck it. You are sitting there on the beach, and when you turn your head and discover the beauty of the smooth rounded mountains around the city and the rain forest – surely, the rest is forgotten. Okay- not really because then you’d also have to ignore the 700 favelas that take over nearly every free space of the city and especially the mountains.

This also marks one of the biggest problems of the city and as a foreigner you are not really able to build your own picture. The heavy war between the police and the favela drug lords still continues with thousands of people getting killed every year.

Thanks to graffiti artist BEAM who showed me around these “No Entry” areas, I was able to explore some favelas myself and what I saw belongs to some of the most intense experiences in my life. I showed 10 year old kids on crack with guns how to write their names with spray cans. BEAM told me that the situation gets even worse, because after cocaine, cheap crack arrived in the favelas just a couple of years ago. And it’s fucking these kids up.

But besides to all these problems, the cariocas (Rio locals) have a lifestyle you can´t compare. I would describe it as a relaxed smoothness, combined with a positive energy. They know they live in a special place, and the Samba rhythms all over town are just one expression of that.

I´m excited how things will develop in the next years. It is for sure that Brasil belongs to one of the fastest upcoming cities worldwide, and Rio has a potenti unlike many other global metropoles.























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