In Stockholm, we had the good fortune of meeting with friends who are locals, and I am in deep gratitude for being taken around by them instead of a generic travel guide. We discovered the city by roaming the streets and letting Robert and Thatsanie show us where they hang out, go to lunch or party. That said: we did end up doing a few touristic activities. It’s just nice not to have to pick up a guide for that and instead just have it happen spontaneously.

In an act of childish enthusiasm, Thatsanie and I even pulled Marcus into the famous Gröna Lund, an adventurous theme park in Djurgården that we reached by ferry. We also ended up visiting the Fotografiska, an extraordinary museum of photography that displays various changing exhibitions.

We also had a glimpse of Stockholms nightlife. We went to a very industrial outdoor club under a highway bridge called Trädgarden. That was quite the uniquely urban experience.  Jeff Mills was playing his Detroit techno routine to an ecstatic summer crowd. Actually: Trädgarden could’ve easily been in Berlin.