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Finding Sydney: Newtown

published on 2011-02-08 by Sara
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Sydney is quite an easy place to discover while you’re amongst friends. What could possibly be missed in a city built on water, with people as diverse as six continents can be, full of style, business and skyscrapers?

A little bit of grime, if you ask me. Although I didn’t venture far off the center, so I probably only got the tourist experience anyway. But I did enjoy Newtowns “Kreuzberg” vibe. It’s different from the polished Central Business District Experience, with a lively pub scene and great people. And if you’re so inclined, great vintage shopping. Now that I think about it – Newtown is more like Berlin-Mitte, rather than Kreuzberg. It’s got a grime-y-ish vibe, but the hip cafés and stores don’t really cater to poor students.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to discover in Newtown, but as far as I am concerned, I really overslept my Australia experience thoroughly.

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