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Finding Munich

published on 2010-08-24 by Sara
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It is 2 a.m. in the night and I´m cycling home through a city that I should know. I´m passing by places and corners that are slightly flashing my memory but blur away in the dark as fast as they appear. It took a decade to get me back to a city that I used to live in. It took years to awake my interest again on a place I quit with and moved on to a city that I now call home.

the streets are sleeping. i hardly see any people. i try to ride safe, watch for red traffic lights and whenever a carlight hits my back I´m afraid that I crash into some bored cops. everything is nice and clean. i don´t see any graffiti, stickers or posters. i don´t have to scan the ground for broken glass. i feel like riding through a model railroad world.

munich should have changed in the last years. i heard about glockenbachviertel and sonnenstraße, about new clubs with nice lineups and alternative cafes.

i pass by pacha club. drunk girls wearing short skirts and stiletto´s. the cab line waiting for the party kids is longer than at tegel airport. i still try to fight against my munich clichés.

starting to compare munich to berlin is senseless. not because one city  is better than the other, but because you have to deal with two complete different cultures. this view helps me not to block the bavarian lifestyle but see it as part of their cultural characteristics.

what i can say is that i feel a friendly coziness everywhere . but instead of enjoying this fact  i get insecured – what was the fucking problem of the cashier at penny supermarket talking about local gossip with the three women in front of me?

i feel like a bad boy in this world. it seems that everybody lives conform and walks the straight road of  the social compromise. i remember the pressure back in the days. and i start to remember how i broke out of this perfect little world. i realized that i needed contrasts around me. i need inspiration and people pushing forward. personalities leaving the all so secured road searching for themself or new ways of living.

i find all that in berlin. this is what i love the city for. this is also why we like it rough and dirty. it´s like on the cool partys. they are always a little bit out of control but they kick ass and you will remember them for years.

munich and me is still not a love affair. to jump into the isar river is great but for feeling home in a city i need something else than nice. i always like to come back as a visitor to hang out with some friends. but i always come here as a visitor that knows where his place is.

thanks to our great berlinian munich hosts anne and the awesome buntlack crew over at puerto giesing club. keep on rocking.

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