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published on 2010-07-04 by Sara
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Every now and then – usually when my brain has taken on a good frying – I’ll let people convince me that it’s a good idea to get out of the city. To swim in a lake, or to go on a hike, or to see the beautiful landscapes of Brandenburg.

I’m always sceptic. I grew up in the suburbs and I don’t cope well with nature. Mosquitos and generally, insects are one of my biggest turn-offs in life.

But, yeah. The sun erased every negative thought I had: I have to get out. I wanted to dive into cool, deep water. My whole skin felt like it was falling apart from the smoldering heat. And off we went to Flakensee. Turns out that’s not the best place for a refreshing dip into the lake.

Boy, was that a lonely ride. Half an hour train into the wilderness of godforsaken Erkner, followed by another half hour walk to where the lake turns into less of a jungle and more of a … “beach”. I dried myself off after about two hours, waved my friends goodbye and went back to the loneliest and most likely to be oldest train station in Berlin.

I’ve yet to find a good Berlin lake.

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