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Fête De La Musique 2012

published on 2012-06-22 by Sara
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Fête de La Musique, the annual midsummer festival that is celebrated all across the world, is very popular in Berlin. Rain and windy weather made it quite difficult to enjoy the Open Airs, but we’re born to withstand any weather-related struggles in Berlin.

Like the Carnival of Cultures or the First of May, the Fête de La Musique festivities are free and for everyone to enjoy, but they are naturally of a different quality. Since it’s always on the 21st of June – in my experience usually work days – the extend of the parties can range from two hours to two days. So we’ve made it a ritual not to be too stressed out or eager to find the perfect place to dance. Sometimes it just happens, that’s cool. Yesterday was more like an interesting stroll through Kreuzberg.

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