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Ghost Train U8

published on 2014-07-31 by Sara
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If you are planning to start doing  photography there seem to be dozens of technical hurdles and an overload of people telling you this and that. In this field almost every person has a clear opinion about the gear you should use or motifs that are worth being captured. If you try do learn photography via magazines or youtube-tutorials you will end up buying a lot of  photographical nonsense and if your photographs do not satisfy you there is always the same excuse: “oh man if i had this lense and that stuff everything would work out better.” (believe me i have been through all of this;))

Without presuming that i found the holy grail of photographic aesthetics this series shall stand for the other way of approaching photography: give a shit about gear and try yourself out on anything that takes pictures! If you have a good idea in mind that doesn`t require you to take care of exposure lenght or sharpness or if you always wanted to shoot with a handmade shoebox-pinhole camera or the 2 Megapixel one from your  Sony Ericsson mobile phone back from 2003 – do not hesitate to do it!

Besides all that preaching i`d be honoured if you would check out my work on website, facebook and tumblr !

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