Volkspark, Mauerpark, Tempelhof, Hasenheide, Tiergarten, Humboldthain: if there’s one thing Berlin doesn’t lack, it’s parks and gardens.”My” park is the controversial Görlitzer Park, also known as Görli. It’s been the center of my neighborhood for as long as I’ve lived in Kreuzberg. I love jogging across its entire length in the morning. I love watching the sunset over the Fernsehturm in the evening.

Many people often complain about the drug dealers here, and at night, most of my female friends avoid crossing the park in fear of being robbed or worse. While I understand the dangers of the drug dealing trade and its proximity to crime, I’ve never been as fearful. I even appreciate (to some extent) the dialogue these challenges induce among the neighborhood and the community.

But apart from that, Görlitzer Park is simply the place to be; the “neighborhoods living room”. I’ve witnessed spontaneous raves, grill parties, sport events and impromptu concerts in this place, and although I’ve got my own (very comfortable) living room nowadays, nothing beats an early spring walk through Görli.


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