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gogogi: Korean Food & Drinks

published on 2015-03-30 by Sara
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There’s no shortage of quality Korean restaurants in Berlin anymore (thank God). Whether a hangover cure, quick snack or a big BBQ-playground, the supply comes in all shapes and sizes. And since we’re the ambassadors of Korean food, it’s our duty to find every opportunity to indulge. The latest addition is a very sleek designed Korean restaurant on Weinbergsweg called gogogi. If Kimchi Princess in Kreuzberg is indeed a royal heiress, then gogogi is definitely the younger, cooler brother.

We were there even before the official opening to enjoy a test dinner among friends. The BBQ bulgogi and the tofu soup were definite must-have’s, but I’m ready to see what actually made it onto the official menu. For now, gogogi seems to be an excellent choice for a dinner that seamlessly transcends into a night out with good drinks. The interior of the restaurant is polished, the accessories – and an impressive lightning installation right in the middle of the entrance – are perfectly embedded into the dark and gloomy mood of the room, which is also equipped with refurbished and absolutely wonderful seashell tables that had us hypnotized for a while.

There’s room for a DJ, too, so my best guess is that most nights will be accompanied by the matching electronic tunes. I’ve seen many of these “concept” restaurants pop-up lately; the idea is to combine food and drinks and music to blend in totally. So a wild night doesn’t necessarily have to be spent bouncing from one place to another. Crackers does it, too. Like London pubs. Restaurant in the evening, club at night? If you ask me what defines Berlins evolutionary process from adolescent to grown-up, then that’s probably one of the major characteristics.  Party & Gluttony are a very good combination. Chug down your vegan soy carrot cake bulgogi with a craft brewed Dark & Stormy! Anyways. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if gogogi had a DJ, but I vividly remember how much I liked the music, and how I was pitying myself because I wouldn’t have been able to dance after the tons of food we had even if my life depended on it.


So, consider this a basic preview of gogogi. The restaurant definitely deserves another visit with a full menu on stock, but since their official opening was only a couple of days ago, I thought it’s appropriate to make an introduction anyway.

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