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Gordon Café & Record Store

published on 2014-09-14 by Sara
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Good cafés – places that serve really good barista coffee, that is – are now found as far down south as Hermannstraße. The newly opened GORDON is a fusion of café and record store that brings a new light to an otherwise very gloomy and dark street. Nothing used to be on Allerstraße down in Neukölln – now there’s good music from Tel Aviv record-label import Legotek with space for events, a decent coffee and honest Israeli snacks like Shakshuka and Sabih (think Middle Eastern tapas size).

The owners of the place, Nir and Doron, have put all their heart and passion into the space. After two years of bureaucratic hurdles, they’ve finally been able to make their dreams come true in true Berlin fashion. You can see the love in every (self-made) detail of the store.

It’s easy to dismiss a café like this as another step of gentrification into the periphery of Neukölln. I agree: the aesthetics, the prices and the rather generic “hip” fusion of music and food has become a perfect recipe to draw cool people who can easily afford to live in this part of town, while the long-time residents are rather alienated and left out of the process.

That being said, it’s also important to highlight that Gordon is run by a queer-friendly, Middle-Eastern scene – that, in itself alone, is an important factor for the community, as Allerstraße has not exactly been known to be the most liberal of areas of Neukölln.

Cafés like this can become refuges in neighborhoods that seem to be set in stone. Not just for so-called expats, but also for those who grow up around here. In any case, Gordon is not the story of another investor coming to squat space in Berlin, but rather the story of two young Israelis who’ve worked hard to be in a place where they feel safe and comfortable and welcome. And who would’ve thought that this place would someday be in the depths of Neukölln?

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