Lukas Fischer studies visual communication at Kunsthochschule Weißensee. In february of 2010 he moved to Neukölln. He started to explore the streets of his new neighboorhood and got in touch with its people. The series Neukölln developed. In awe of his experience and his passion for the project, he started to focus on a specific part of Neukölnn, Gropiusstadt. This series was shot on medium format. His pictures have a strong feel of singularity. The empathy and sensibility that was put in make this a very unique documentation of life in berlin. Make sure to have a look on the rest of his work.

Gropiusstadt was build in 1962-1975 based on the plans of well-known architect Walter Gropius. The original idea was to create a place of modern living in the city, park-areas and bright places supposed to open the small spaces the people lived in. In the following years Gropiusstadt became a socially weak borrough of West-Berlin and is stigmatized ever since.

Gropiusstadt by Lukas Fischer

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