Happy #GoSkateboardingDay!

I have a very special relationship to skateboarding: I tried it once and hurt myself really badly, so I decided to crawl back to my spot in the shade and keep drooling over the sweet boys who were doing tricks on the curbs. Ever since those glorious skatepark days of my hometown have passed, I haven’t really been in touch with skateboarding at all. But all of my friends skate (okay, although most of them do inline skating, which I don’t blame them for, considering how they grew up in the GDR and everything), and I still like to click on cool YouTube links.

So I was delighted when Johannes (aka “the boyfriend“, follow him on Instagram) told me he took some pictures of the Go Skateboarding Day yesterday, an annual collective celebration of skateboarding. This particular Feiertag is celebrated all around the world on every 21st of June, so of course Berlin is all in. Here are some impressions of Go Skateboarding Day 2015 from the  Battle at the Bänke event and some awesome Berlin motifs.