Stefan visited the impressive and elaborate temporary exhibition “HAU Weltausstellung” on the former airport field Tempelhof.

With an ironic reference to the tradition of world exhibitions and “Expos”, which have been held for more than 160 years at changing locations around the world, an exhibition trail with 15 pavilions was available for exploration on the grounds of the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin from 1 to 24 June 2012. These pavilions do not see themselves as agents of nation-state branding, but as places of highly subjective artistic and political reflection. Beyond the boundaries of cultural disciplines, architects, theater-makers, performers and visual artists seek to engage with ideas, systems and phenomena through which even the most remote cultures are globally connected. The exhibition does not show the world as it will or should be, but how we perceive, understand and interpret it.

The architecture of the 15 pavilions is intended as a contribution to a discussion about the sensible use of resources. One third of the exhibition spaces are transformations of buildings belonging to the former airfield. Further buildings will be constructed from modules that were used in the summer of 2011 at the “Über Lebenskunst” festival in the House of World Cultures. Only three pavilions, and only to a limited extent, are new buildings.

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