As we entered the premises of the “Historical building elements Marwitz“, I had to admit to myself that I’d finally reached peak bougie. Yes: I rented a car and drove all the way out to Brandenburg to visit an oversized antiques store for people who want to decorate their gigantic estates with Italian marble pillars from the Roman empire or are looking for new wooden planks for their Berliner Altbau investment.

Apparently, this place used to be a secret gem, but I think nothing in and around Berlin is secret anymore. I suppose the prices are steep now compared to what they were a decade ago. I wouldn’t know. I’m not sure what the usual rates are for fridges from the 50s or garden fountains. I definitely didn’t know (or care) ten years ago.

To nobody’s surprise, we didn’t buy much. I live in a Drei-Zimmer-Wohnung with hardly a place to cram my Staubsauger, and although I’m dying to get a marble sculpture, I think I’ll leave it for the future. We still had a great time: walking across the site is walking through an architect’s wet dream.

Historical building elements and antiques from Renaissance to Bauhaus and the GDR were and are salvaged on a daily basis and made available to interested collectors and builders. Tiles, wood, marble, whole kitchens and bathrooms, stones and bricks are only fractions of what you can find.

Every first Saturday of the month, the Marwitz Bauelemente are open for visitors who can’t make it during the week. There is a cute café on site for cakes and an enjoyable lunch.