One of my favorite “so Berlin” experiences was the Hit & Run Kino. Every few weeks, the organizers of the moving cinema would scout out new off-locations for secret movie showings. Empty warehouses and abandoned buildings used to be abundant in Berlin. Hit & Run Kino let everyone in the know access these free spaces. You had to sign up to a newsletter and show up at the designated meeting point. From there, the organizer would lead the way to the secret location. Last time, it was an empty warehouse. I can’t really remember the movie (and it wasn’t that memorable anyway). What I do remember: we had to be quite sneaky about it. On the way, a few weird installations with people hinted at the title of the movie. Only candles lit the way towards the barricaded building. There were holes cut into fences and a door was unhinged for us.

Not exactly legal, but thrilling and an incredible experience.

Entrance fee was 5 Euro, snacks and drinks were already provided for. Plastic chairs were set up, as well as a screen and the technical system. I was really impressed by the high degree of efficient logistics.

The Hit & Run Kino was one of those ephemeral urban things that don’t exist anymore, but for the time being, I was lucky to be part of it. Quite questionable if a movement like that is still possible today. There are not many empty spaces available in the city anymore. Those who are are rented out as commercial event locations or branded events. Basically: even abandoned spaces have become commodities. You would also have to wonder if posts on Instagram or Facebook wouldn’t simply destroy any plans of secrecy. But I stay optimistic. I think one convincing argument for privacy (even in times of maximum connection) will always remain: teenagers like to hide their secrets from their parents. Especially if it involves crossing the line at night, at parties and by trespassing. So as long as we have teens, there will always be social spaces us adults won’t access.

5 thoughts on “ [Closed] Hit & Run Kino ”

  1. are you aware of the fact that you’re about to ruin this phenomenon with your coverage? boost your ego with something else!

    1. fair accusation, except we never gave any infos about it away and never tampered with their chosen ways of communication. i hope describing this sort of event without leading a tonne of curious people to it will result in more creativity and inspiration, not destruction.

  2. I would like to receive Newsletter to the next events of hit und run kino.
    I was several time 2 years ago, I don’t know if that still exits.

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