Slowly but surely, Hummus has taken over the city in the past couple of years. To my delight, it has popped up in plenty variations – from the classic Israeli main course Hummus to the Levantine ‘mezzeh’ style.

For most people in my social circle, Israeli hummus has become the benchmark. It is often served with loads of olive oil, pine nuts, fried aubergine, meat and other sides and qualifies as a full meal. Personally, I prefer the cold served and rather pure Hummus of my Syrian ancestry. It is often more tangy and feels lighter. But those differences are subtle and differ from chef to chef.

At Hummus Witz, a recently opened ‘hole in the wall’ Hummus bar, the Hummus variation leans to the Jerusalem style – or so I learn from the owner, Marat. Apparently, that means the chickpeas are only cooked through shortly before serving, so the texture is creamier and fresher. Marat also mixes green herbs into the base sauce (namely parsley and coriander), so there’s a lighter and more flavorful note to the dish. Marat has been making hummus successfully for years in Cologne before deciding to open his own space in Berlin.

Wholesome Hummus

Strangely alien to me is the concept of Hummus with sides (at Witz, you can order a fried Aubergine, pine nuts or an egg), but it works well here. Every order is also served with pita bread (of course), a raw, sweet onion (no real Hummus without the onion!) and pickles. Everything is pretty and on point, even the spicy pita leftovers which are offered as a little snack. Unlike other restaurants, Witz keeps everything refreshingly easy and simple and casual – decent Hummus (and a fantastic home-made lemonade), that’s it.

All in all, Witz is a great addition to the Kiez around Südstern. It’s the kind of place that you randomly stumble upon on a sweet summer’s day – once the terrace is set up, this joint is definitely going to be on your lunch choice list.

Usually open from lunchtime til 7 PM – check Facebook for updates