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I Bagni Di Viareggio

published on 2012-06-21 by Sara
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When I think of Italy in the summer I have this Retro-Chique picture in my mind. The people wear old-school bathing suits, the cars are still edgy, and the colors are naturally instagrammed. I know it´s a romantic view and a result of cheesy 70´s movies. The real summer beach life in Italy means mostly crowded places and the nice parts of the beaches are seperated by private Bagni – where you have to rent chairs and sunshades.

If you have ever been to the Viareggio coast area you know what I´m talking about. Miles and Miles of privatized beaches for thousands of North Italians flooding the region during their summer hollidays making it the center of the whole country for that time.

In the winter the picture is totally different. It seems that the coast is sleeping and taking a big breath before the sunny storm.
I loved exactly this vibe. The run-down, rusty feel – like the whole place is beamed in from another time.

This series of Bagni entrances is already a couple of years old but shortly before your upcoming summer trip I wanted to share it with you!

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