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IXTHYS Korean Food

published on 2013-08-29 by Sara
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Our list of good Asian food is growing now – we’ve got Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, we’ve had Korean before but now we can add a place that is not just a pop-up but an actual restaurant. In a very nice corner of Schöneberg, close to Potsdamer Straße; calm, almost hidden albeit in open view.

IXTHYS is barely a restaurant, more like a Korean Imbiss. IXTHYS is known quite well among the pendants of the Korean kitchen, but it’s the lovely and oddly devoted religious wall decoration that makes it so curious and charming. Apparently the restaurant is run by two widows. Prophecies and bible verses are everywhere. Beats the usual pastiche decoration of Asian restaurants. The service is exceptionally sweet, too, better yet: the Kimchi is a revelation, and definitely worth a trip outside of ones own Kiez.

I’ve only ever had the Bibimbap as main course. The menu isn’t too elaborate, so Bibimbap always strikes me as the best choice. It’s deliciously spicy and extremely hot, served out the usual stone bowls. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s the best Bibimbap whatsoever, but it’s really good and worth stopping by if you’re in the area.

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