It took a while for me to appreciate the Köfte as sandwich alternative to the classic Döner or Dürum. I’m not a big fan of grilled meat, especially not kebap, and yet – the Köfte at Konak Grill is one of the best sandwiches you can get in this city. It is especially delicious if you get it after a long night out. Any wait is worth the wait.

The Köfte sandwich is nothing particularly special if you only look at the ingredient list: Turkish minced meat, formed clumsily into little kebabs (basically, grilled minced sausage), in a white bread roll – which is toasted on both sides before it gets filled – some tomatoes, radish sticks, raw onions if you can take it, the typical herbs and sauces (Knoblauch-Scharf or  “Alles”). I additionally make use of the extra-spicy chili flakes, then take out the spiciness by drowning the sandwich in lemon juice which is readily available at the tables.

It’s not a fancy sandwich. It’s simple and it’s perfect, and everyone in Berlin agrees.

You won’t find much more than the Köfte sandwich at Konak Grill. There’s the vegetarian Halloumi alternative, but to be honest, I never felt tempted to try it. The grill is always full, especially in warm summer nights. You order your Köfte and an Ayran (yogurt drink), take a number and wait til it’s your turn, which can sometimes take half an hour or even longer. I promise: it’s worth every minute!