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published on 2010-11-09 by Sara
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A few weeks ago I waited at the subway-station Jannowitzbrücke for the U8 to take me to Kotti. Preferring the bike, I dont take the subway that often. So it was the first time I recognized that Jannowitzbrücke is being generally renovated, despite the fact that the work started in January 2009!

I walked around the station, a nice tune in my ear, inspecting all the changes and constructive surgeries that were already done. It didn’t take long before I formulated the construction site of Jannowitzbrücke as my visual metaphor for berlin. You come in, its grey and dirty. Some people even call it ugly by instant. But you need to look closer. If you do, you soon recognize all the different structures, abstract motives that catch your attention, leave you thinking, inspired. You go on, accepting that you aren’t in munich/ aren’t in the modern Potsdamer Platz station and you start to love all that under-construction-beauty, that no-need-to-look-fancy-easiness and then you see the colors, appearing next to the grey, out of it, because of it.

Berlin is under construction, that’s why I love it. It’s not ready and hopefully it never will be. My favorite places aren’t clean nor fancy, they create their own aesthetic, an improvised beauty that I hardly find anywhere else and which makes this city so special to me.

I hope they never finish Jannowitzbrücke.

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