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KaDeWe – Kaufhaus des Westens

published on 2012-11-13 by Sara
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Christmas is approaching and many people have already started looking for the perfect presents to give. Personally, I’d seriously love if someone gave me a hand-picked basket full of luxurious, well-chosen foods and exotic fruits, exclusive drinks and extraordinary cheese from the deli department of the KaDeWe. I don’t even eat cheese.

Obviously, the KaDeWe is more than just just the food department. It’s probably still one of the most luxurious and exclusive department stores in Germany. Good if not a bit annoying service and pretty much every high class brand you would expect.

What’s really interesting about it is its former meaning to the West. The KaDeWe used to be a symbol for the newly regained commercial power of West-Germany. It’s still impressive and probably the most charming of all Christmas Shopping experiences (although I would still not go back in there on a Saturday afternoon). Also good if you want to enjoy Oysters and Champagne, like any casual weekday afternoon would call for.

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